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 Begin/Int Possibility: Chicky by Oojami

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Begin/Int Possibility: Chicky by Oojami Empty
PostSubject: Begin/Int Possibility: Chicky by Oojami   Begin/Int Possibility: Chicky by Oojami EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 4:33 pm

Razz So I'm hoping to host a "How to Choreograph" class or two before Holiday Break, so girls can go home and make some fun dances
BUT! This means we need to choose music...

One option is Chicky by the band Oojami. I'd cut the music to be shorter... but it has perfect potential.
-Strong Base Beat
-Repeating Chorus
-Hits/sparkles/ tempo changes
-Non-English Lyrics

Full 5 min version

Made Famous by the BDSS, Ansuya
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Begin/Int Possibility: Chicky by Oojami
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