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 Websites on Making Cabaret Costumes

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PostSubject: Websites on Making Cabaret Costumes   Websites on Making Cabaret Costumes EmptyTue Oct 19, 2010 12:49 am

Nadya's Sewing Instructions
I LOVE this lady! The whole site is translated, but very easy to understand... especially since she has Great "foto" stories. Please click on "Froto Story: A Costume" it will show you how to cover a bra, make a belt, add designs and fringe, make a skirt, gauntles, the whole 9 yards!

Even though I have not "covered" all of my costume bras, it really turns your top from Lingerie to a costume!

Shira is a wonderful dancer who's site's helped me understand what costumes would fit my body type and how to cover up "less than perfect" areas:

She also has a large section on advice/ Q&A of the dance in general.

Dina, Costume Goddess
Not as much info as Shira's website, but that's partially Dina sells costume books. She does offer free information on costuming though!
And honestly- just looking at costumes inspire, while giving me "construction" ideas. farao
These two sites just list costumes buying websites:

My Personal Favorites to LOOK AT (never bough one yet): (This Girl Sells BELLA's used- over 1K price!) (Mostly used costumes, very discounted) (Very hit or miss, can find great beginner costumes!)

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Websites on Making Cabaret Costumes
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