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 Tribal Fusion Possibility: Zombie Nation Stadium Remix

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PostSubject: Tribal Fusion Possibility: Zombie Nation Stadium Remix   Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:49 pm

So we just got a whole bunch of Pop/lock/Tribal Fusion Dvd's and class time at Rakkasah... why not have a fun choreograph to show our talents!

I'm still cutting the music, to 1/2 the length, but Zombie Nation would be a huge crowd pleaser at Tailgreat or Thon, any PSU event really. I'll post the video when I'm done (hopefully next day or two).

This dance could easily be done in costume by Beginners: Black workout pants, coin belts, Black Bra/Choli, Mesh Shirts, Some fun jewlery, etc... Fun Gothic Look Very Happy

-Easy Costume
-Great Beat
-Tempo Changes for slow and quick movements (good for layering shimmies)
-Great Hits/sparkels/etc for Pop and locks
-Slow Parts so it would be easier for Beginners to hit accents

5 min Stadium Chant/Sports Remix
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Tribal Fusion Possibility: Zombie Nation Stadium Remix
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